Coleção de vídeos de TiNa KeNNaRdE (AkA Laurel Holloman)  

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Apenas uma pequena coleção de vídeos de TiNa KeNNaRdE (AkA Laurel Holloman)... Feitos por grimevil... Lauretes de plantão são vídeos imperdíveis... Apreciem.

My Sharona:

I heart Tina:

Love Song:

Drive You Home:


Ooh La La:

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What a wonderful blog you've put together. PehNoir, keep up the great work! It was such a pleasure getting to know you through the Laurel birthday project.

~ Miz


Thanks Miz ... I am happy for that approach with you and the pleasure is mine miz.

My English is not perfect, but always trying to keep communication with fans of the series.


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